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Newest Movies HD iOS App Download for iPhone/iPad (No Jailbreak)

Newest Movies HD iOS App: Are you one of those people with a tight work schedule that you can't take some time off to go to the theatre and watch movies? If yes, then you must be searching for a feasible alternative that helps you in downloading and watching full-length movies within real time. Not only movies indeed, but also the amusing TV series and sitcoms that have been equally popular. Well, if that is the case; you might have heard of the streaming apps which help you stream and download movies in a go and which are available for a while now. However, with developers being smart and quick, the number of choices in the market have been increasing and the recently released Newest Movies HD App or 123movies app is one such that you can find everywhere across the internet.

Newest Movies Hd App for iOS has an enormous database that contains tonnes and tonnes of movies, anime, videos, TV shows, sitcoms and precisely almost everything which is old and as well as new. It also has got region specific movies for example movies like Naruto which are only released in Japan. You can movies categorised regionally and language-wise in this app and as the App is merely a listing app that gives you results by gathering them across the web, you can download the specific result from the providing external source thereafter and all this, for absolutely nothing.

About Newest Movies HD iOS App

We have streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime which does the same but one has to subscribe to avail these services, and it's not the case with Newest Movies HD iOS App. Unlike its alternatives, it doesn't display any connection error, installation error and is extremely user-friendly that all you need to have is a consistent internet connection to get hold of the content from here. After searching the desirable video, you can play it with a third party player like MX player on your device or chromecast the video onto a bigger console for a better experience.

newest movies hd ios app

Similar to Showbox, CinemaBox or PlayBox HD; it has got quintessential features just like the smart TVs. It is available to be used on all the Android devices with a version larger than 4.0 and is compatible with all kind of devices say HTC, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony, Xioami, One+, etc. Good news is that unlike many apps, it is also made available for the iOS users with an iDevice that have an iOS version greater than 9.0 and sometimes even with devices that have iOS 8.3/8.4 also. Because of the ease of use, you don’t have to stress so much in searching for a video and streaming it from the app which is why people are biased towards this within short time after the launch.

Features of Newest Movies HD iOS App:

  • The Newest Movies HD iOS app is extremely functional with a boisterous interface that enables people to adapt to it easily without much expertise.

  • The database is constantly upgraded, and therefore you can find the very latest stuff within in few days of release.

  • It offers both streaming and downloading of the videos and you can choose whatever you like based on your priorities.

newest movies hd categories

  • Content is categorized systematically based on many filters like the genre, language, popularity, year etc.

  • The Newest Movies HD free for iOS app provides videos which have different resolutions but as the title says, all the videos are of HD format and therefore you can either find them in 720p format or 1080p format.

  • Another unbelievable feature is that it doesn't have any ads popping up on the interface which in other words means it provides ad-free service. However, the recent update has got some ads flowing, but they are not half as annoying as the regular ones.

Download Newest Movies HD App for iOS:

  • The initial step of download Newest Movies HD App for iOS is that you have the get the app from a third party resource. Therefore, you need to enable Newest Movies HD iOS download from the third party from your iDevice.

  • To do this, go to the Safari browser initially and then download the file from the link that is given below by entering the URL of this page in your browser.

  • The download file of the Newest Movies HD App for iOS will be then downloaded onto your device. Locate it from the notification bar and tap on the Install button in order to install the app.

  • Once the app is installed, you need to trust this app in order to run it on the device. Go to the System Settings and navigate to General. From there, reach Profiles and search for the distributor's name listed under the App section. Tap on the 'Trust' option to trust the app.

  • Now, go to the home tray menu and launch the app to use it after you are done with the process of download Newest Movies HD iOS App. This method can be used as a Newest Movies HD iOS without jailbreak as it works without jailbreaking the iOS device.

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Stream/Download Movies on the Newest Movies HD free for iOS:

After launching the app on your iDevice, you will find many latest TV shows, movies, anime, cartoons, reality shows and documentaries listed on the home page. There is not much possibility of you finding your favourite video on it unless until it is globally popular. Therefore, you can use the top bar in order to search for the video you want or tap on the categories to know how they are sorted and then follow steps to reach the desired video based on the respective classification. After finding the search result, tap on the video to watch it where you will find info and summary of the video. By swiping it to the left, you will get an episode tab. Click on it to customize your list of favorite videos and then click the 'Play' button to watch the video.

newest movies hd ios apk

You can also download these videos using the Newest Movies HD App. To do that, you can select the 'Download' option after clicking on the Episode Tab instead of the 'Play' option and choose one of the resolutions to be it '720p' or '1080p' based on your bandwidth. Few videos are even available as '480p' and you have to wait for the download to be completed before you use the cast option or use the MX player to watch the videos offline.

newest movies hd free ios

Conclusion for Newest Movies HD iOS App

Wrapping up, the latest version of the Newest Movies HD App that has been released is the 2.4 version with many of the bugs fixed and is almost error free. The previous versions might have become dormant as of now and therefore, install the latest version for the best functionality. Also, the Newest Movies HD iOS App is not yet officially developed and as of now this app is only made available for the Android users but the talk has that the iOS version is still in development and will be released anytime soon. So, please bookmark the page as we will give you the downloading link as soon as it is available as Newest Movies HD iOS no jailbreak.

On the whole, Newest Movies HD iOS App is one such amusing app that helps the users get the latest content for free that too in high quality saving them time, money and effort all three together. It is claimed to be better than all the alternatives in the market and thousands of people are downloading it across the world. Are you one of them, today? If you have any doubts or issues regarding the installation and usage of the device, please approach us in the comment section so that we can get back to you with proper solutions.


Newest Movies HD iOS App Download for iPhone/iPad (No Jailbreak)

Newest Movies HD iOS App : Are you one of those people with a tight work schedule that you can't take some time off to go to the theat...