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Newest Movies HD APK Download for Android [Latest 2017 UPDATE]

Newest Movies HD APK Download: After spending a hectic day at work most of us tend to come home and slouch in the sofa only to watch a movie, a TV show or anything that makes our lives less mechanic and more artistic. While films are pure forms of art, they are also amusing elements that can recreate, entertain and refresh us. Watching our favorite video or listening to the favorite music can sometimes make us forget all the things in life. But is it feasible to watch all the videos just before sitting in the TV given the schedule and our work schedule doesn’t match at all. Well, what’s the solution? If you are someone who’s really into watching lots of videos and recent films, TV series and sitcoms; then there are few apps which provide the content for free and Newest Movies HD APK is the latest app that you should be aware about.

Yes through this app, you can watch everything out there that has been released on the internet irrespective of it being a video, movie, episode of a running TV series, cartoon, anime, documentary. Anything. By installing the Newest Movies HD iOS & Android App on your Android device, you are literally having many movies at your finger tip. As the title says, the app is just everything that it sounds like however is more competent and reliable than its alternatives that are available in the market. Newest Movies HD App helps you stream/download content on your device with a consistent internet connection. Just like ShowBox, PlayBox HD, MegaBox HD; it has similar functionality and it also supports both ChromeCast and Android TV so that you can cast the videos onto bigger screens.

What is Newest Movies HD App APK?

Newest Movies HD APK for Android lets you find the content as it is a third party application that collects the content from different sources and displays it before you. By clicking on the link, you can either stream/download the video on your device based on the available bandwidth. Due to the impeccable user interface and clean navigation, this app is very much prominent across the world and who would want to miss the opportunity of watching latest HD content on the bigger screens? You can connect the app to either Android TV or ChromeCast and watch whatever you want just by searching them on Newest Movies HD App.

Newest Movies HD Android [VIDEO]

The latest version of Newest Movies HD App is great to use as the UI of the app is simple and elegant. You can find many sections on the home page, categorized in order to make your understanding and usage more sophisticated and error free. Because of the high definition content available, you also won’t find any buffering issues or video quality errors given that you have a stable connection. The videos that have been collected are categorized based on the genre like “Comedy”, “Drama”, “Action” etc. By clicking a specific category, you can find list of recent movies that are available under and in case if you have missed any cartoon, anime, movie or an episode of your favorite TV show; you can just tap on it.

What can you do with Newest Movies HD APK?newest movies hd apk

  1. You can watch HD quality content of either 720p or 1080p of latest movies absolutely for free.

  2. The app is user friendly and has many categories making the searching easy and quicker.

  3. You can choose to either stream/download the content based on your priority of watching the content online or offline.

  4. You can favorite a video and add them to the list of favorites to watch it later in case if you have loved the video.

  5. You can chromecast the content or use a third party player like the MX Player in order to play the content in a better and desirable way.

Download & Install Newest Movies HD APK:

  • In order to download Newest Movies HD APK file, you should get it from a third party website as it is not available on the play store yet. To do this, open a mobile browser on your Android device and enter the URL of this page.

  • Download the file from the link that is given below. You can also try to download Newest Movies HD APK app file on your computer using the web browser and entering the same URL. After downloading, transfer the file to  your phone using an USB.

  • Go to notification bar and access the file in order to install it. Tap on the ‘install’ button. Before doing this make sure that your Android device is allowing you to download files from third party sources.

newest movies hd app apk

  • If there is any constraint, go to System Settings>Security. Move to the Applications>Unknown sources and check the box beside it to enable downloading from the third party sources.

newest movies hd android

  • Now, install the app and wait with patience for the Newest Movies HD Android App to be installed on your Android device.

All the Android users coming from Lenovo, LG, HTC, Samsung, Micromax, Android TV, Xiaomi, Fire TV, Fire Stick, Kindle Fire, Smart TV, Blackberry and other users can download this application and watch the HD content on bigger screens.

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How to Stream/Download Videos on Newest Movies HD APK?

  • Once you have installed the app, launch it by clicking from the system tray menu and access the home screen. There will be many recent videos listed on the home screen and in case if you have any particular video, you can click on it to stream or download.

newest movies hd 2.4 apk

  • Else, you will find a slider along with many updated movies. The latest version that has been updated after fixing the bugs is the latest Newest Movies HD 2.4 APK. There will be a search bar located on the top, enter the title of the video in the bar to find the desirable video.

  • Click the result and you will get a summary of the video along with the episodes tab and the info above the summary. By clicking on the episodes tab, a pop up appears asking you if you want to play the movie or download the movie. If you want to stream the video, click play.

  • If you want to download the video, choose the resolution in which you want to download from the next popup and download the movies.

In case if you’re finding any issues regarding the connection or installation, try downloading the file and installing it all over again after restarting your device. One other option is to clear the cache and launch the app again. If you have any additional problems regarding the installation, comment in the below section. As the database is constantly updated, you can find any movie within 3 days of its release. What are you waiting for? Download the video already.


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